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The palm tree bestows a sense of peace, strength, and flexibility to all of its surrounding landscapes. The mission at Palm Capital Management is simple: to provide our Clients financial peace-of-mind by creating a tailored plan with a solid foundation that can help withstand the unexpected. In doing so, we service our clients by providing objective advice without any hidden agendas.

Palm Capital Management is a financial planning, retirement planning, and wealth management firm based in Calabasas, California that specializes in the advisory of investment accounts for individuals, families, and small businesses. Our firm services Clients across America, primarily those who reside in the Los Angeles area. We are independent fiduciary financial advisors, therefore legally obligated to act in the best interests of our Clients at all times. Fees are based on a percentage of total portfolio value, and no commissions are taken from trades placed in our Clients’ accounts. Our primary goal is for our Clients to achieve financial success using our strategic long-term guidance. We keep our firm’s investable assets under management alongside our Clients’ assets, ensuring complete alignment of interest throughout the relationship. Whether you are preparing for, approaching, or in retirement, your financial planner at Palm Capital Management will engineer a customized strategy that takes your unique goals and needs into account.

Through an Alliance with Dynamic Wealth Advisors (“DWA”), Palm Capital Management receives unparalleled service and support. In addition to providing financial advice to Clients, DWA provides access to industry-leading investment resources, economic research, and technology platforms. DWA strives to attain the highest standards and focuses intently on proper ethics.

Investment Philosophy & Mission

Today’s market environment is a dynamic and constantly evolving continuum. Just a few factors that may trigger rapid and drastic changes on any given day include:

  • Political Turmoil
  • Interest Rate Volatility
  • Natural Disasters
  • Civil Unrest / Terrorism
  • Disruptions in Technology
  • Medical Epidemics and Pandemics

All of these are amplified in our constantly connected world of 24-hour news cycles, social media, and Wall Street's algorithmic trading, often resulting in immediate severe market movements.

The mission at Palm Capital Management is to provide our Clients financial peace-of-mind by creating a tailored strategy with a solid foundation that can help withstand the unexpected.

Long-term Tactical Investment management

Given this multifaceted environment, at Palm Capital Management, we believe an investment philosophy needs to be equally dynamic to provide a tactical, long-term solution designed to both capitalize on new opportunities and hedge against evolving threats. Instead of relying on outdated “buy and hope” strategies, we believe a fiduciary advisor is responsible for understanding and navigating this changing environment in pursuit of the most optimal investments.


Evaluating and Selecting Investments Using Fundamental Analysis

While short-term market volatility may be triggered by a number of emotional and uncontrollable factors, we believe the economic fundamentals driving a business are much more meaningful to long-term investors. As such, we rely on determining an investment's intrinsic value using both macro and microeconomic data. Once we conclude our analysis on the overall state of the economy and industry, it's time to dive into the financial statements and research company management. Palm Capital Management generally favors quality companies that have a lower price-to-earnings ratio relative to the industry benchmark, a competitive advantage through economies of scale, healthy balance sheets with low debt-to-equity ratios, and a high amount of free-cash-flow (cash flow from operating activities less capital expenditures) to sustain during times of slowed economic growth.


The Value of a Transparent and Low-cost Investing Experience

A critical and often overlooked component to investing is the internal cost of structured products such as mutual funds or annuities. Layers of fees are often not itemized nor fully disclosed on standard financial statements, making them difficult to identify and properly evaluate, including:

  • Fund Management Fees
  • 12-b 1 Fees
  • Administrative Fees
  • Custodial Fees
  • Transaction Processing Fees
  • Commissions

Over time, these fees can compound to have a significant eroding effect on overall performance and jeopardize the success of your financial plan.


Another key consideration with these structured products is the lack of transparency. Beyond hidden fees, they often do not disclose individual investment holdings in real-time, making it difficult to take a tactical approach when allocating funds. As a mutual fund owner, you are one of many participants on one large ship that does not stop, steer, or change direction with ease. Particularly if you have $250,000 or more to invest, you have likely outgrown these entry-level investment vehicles. Palm Capital Management essentially “unwraps” these structured products and mutual funds to create a similar diversification advantage while providing investors direct ownership in individual positions for more flexibility, personalization, and control.

At Palm Capital Management, reputable and low-cost investment holdings comprise our portfolios to help provide optimal bottom-line performance, including low-cost Exchange- Traded Funds (ETFs), individual stocks and bonds, options trading, and alternative investments (i.e. real estate, hedge funds, private equity) for qualified investors.

Goal-based Financial Planning

Our approach begins by working backwards. We want to understand and lead your strategy by using your personal life goals as the driving force of all investment recommendations. Whether that includes growth, income, preservation, or any combination in between, portfolios are customized to fit your unique individual needs and overseen by Alano Massi, Managing Director and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner.


The Fiduciary Standard.

Palm Capital Management has a dedicated commitment to ethics and education. We service our Clients by providing objective advice without any hidden agendas. As fiduciaries, we are legally obligated to act in the best interests of our Clients at all times. In addition, while all Clients maintain their own customized profile, we at Palm Capital Management invest our own assets in the same investments we recommend to Clients, ensuring we remain true partners throughout a long-term professional relationship.

OUR EXTENDED TEAM: Palm Capital Management utilizes the custodial support of Charles Schwab, Fidelity and Raymond James

Our Custodians

About the Owner

Alano D. Massi, MBA, CFP®

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Massi became a fiduciary financial planner to combine his love of economics with a commitment to help individuals and families grow and preserve their wealth. As Managing Director at Palm Capital Management based in Calabasas, California, Mr. Massi assists many individuals and families living across the United States with their financial planning, retirement, and wealth management needs.

Mr. Massi is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of San Diego, a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Pepperdine University, a Series 65 securities license, a certification for life, accident and health insurance, and is a member of the Financial Planning Association®.


Mr. Massi has contributed to the following prominent financial publications: Fox Business News, Forbes, Investopedia, Yahoo Finance, LendingTree, and Bankrate. Prior to Palm Capital Management, Mr. Massi served as Associate Vice-President at Steel Peak Wealth Management. He spent six years as an analyst at an ultra-high-net-worth private family office, boutique investment bank Lionfish Advisors, and Wells Fargo Capital Finance.

Using his analytical background and investment experience, Mr. Massi implements financial strategies customized for the unique needs of each client to build, preserve and transfer wealth. Individuals serviced primarily include business owners, retirees, engineers, physicians, real estate professionals, divorcees, and young professionals. Mr. Massi also provides strategic advice in alternative investments including real estate, hedge funds, private equity, structured products, and derivatives for qualified Clients. When a Client requires a reliable team, Mr. Massi coordinates his financial responsibilities with other professionals to help achieve the required objectives, including CPAs, third-party administrators, and estate-planning attorneys.

Mr. Massi strongly believes in investing alongside his Clients, and his success is determined by the performance of his Clients’ portfolios. He charges a competitive flat annual fee for his services and does not receive any commissions for security trade executions.

In his spare time, Mr. Massi enjoys spending time with his family, golf, racquetball, traveling, snowboarding, playing the drums, watching movies, and reading.

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Whether you are preparing for, approaching, or in retirement, your financial planner at Palm Capital Management will engineer a customized strategy that takes your unique goals and needs into account.